[canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight] – of effect of _ of _ action reducing weight reducing weight

[canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight] – of effect of _ of _ action reducing weight reducing weight

Article introduction

Cantering is a kind of more familiar pattern reducing weight, have oxygen campaign as a kind, canter besides have the effect that reduce weight besides, return the fitness that can raise a person greatly, enhance the person’s resistance and immune power. And1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A lot of people want to know, canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight. Actually, canter can reduce weight, do not have inevitable connection with time, with can insist to come down, having very big connection!

Canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight

One, canter reduce weight: Investment is little, redound is big

Now ” be on a diet ” it is to makeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Much person’s commonly used method reducing weight, achieve the result that reduce weight through be on a diet nevertheless actually not apparent, and rebound easily, harmful also to the body profitless, through having oxygen athletic ability subtracts truly adipose. Canter to attribute simple and easy movement having oxygen, can muscle of mobile whole body, make the body combustion is adipose achieve thin body result, but must last 20 minutes above, just can burn adipose.

Meanwhile, athletic thin body will be thinner than be on a diet personally more rebound not easily, because the thin musculature metabolization after motion is stronger. Thin nevertheless body this the thing is a more haste,less speed, and want to perserve, the proposal canters every week 2-3 second, every time least 30 minutes, effect of thin of course body also is because of the person different.

Canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight

2, canter reduce weightA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Truly method

Before 1. is moving, should extend the body, do sufficientForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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When 2. begins practice to canter, carry momentum wants successive, can adopt canter add on foot alternate means undertakes, the distance shoulds not be too long. Wait for practice after a paragraph of day, the body suited to canter stage by stage, can decrease on foot, until canter entirely.

3. is in was used to after cantering, find the optimal ran rate that the body does not feel fatigue.

Palm of 4. ran chela first touchdown, transfer complete sole touchdown.

The breath of hold rhythm should be protected when 5. ran1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, nose is inspiratory in the begining, the mouth is expiratory. Transfer to breathe at the same time to buccal bazoo gradually.

6. is enlarge vital capacity, applied abdomen breathes a law. (Inspiratory when, abdominal apophysis, expiratory when, abdomen is sunken next) .

After 7. moves, ying Shu exhibits the body, do sufficient relaxation activity

After 8. moves, want to use body of hot water put on the skin, do not use cold water.

After 9. motion water and eat is fed should return to normal to the heartbeat horizontal moment

Motion measures: Everyday 20-40 minute

Canter 40 minutes to be able to reduce weight

3, canter note reducing weight:

1. knows his body state

The person that contract the disease of hypertensive, heart, disease such as asthma, should decrease as far as possible canter motion. The body is like to produce unwell phenomenon during ran, answer to stop run instantly, the body after resting still uncomfortable person, before answering, past hospital makes further treatment.

2. should successive

Just began to canter the physical ability condition that should inspect oneself, begin to add a space slowly from 1000 meters, must not exceed the limit of own physical ability, do not have benefit to the body not only otherwise, instead more the injury stopped personally. Moreover, canter should adjust moderately in the process breathe and rest, breathing adjustment has greatest help to physical strength, and proper rest is adjustable physical strength, loosen the mood, do not beg fast, lest more haste,less speed.

3. warm body wants enough

Measurable warm body can help muscle extend, allow articulatory activity, in letting oneself hold the position in provision at any time. Warm body can prevent motion to harm the body that can protect us more not only.

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