Should Tecent cooperate with Steam? An investigation causes a player intense discussion

Should Tecent cooperate with Steam? An investigation causes a player intense discussion

 In stand-alone game market, delicacy of Tecent of tycoon of domestic network game has participate, but a small investigation of company of the closest Tecent, must cause our attention however. The basis is stuck netizen message, tecent released an investigation questionnaire in the light of Steam platform alone recently, and the question asks very carefully, whether do this mean Tecent to want to cooperate with Steam?

Pursue as follows, this investigation questionnaire begins from interrogate computer game and stand-alone game, changed abroad to the biggest PC platform Steam slowly then. Follow the issue of interrogate, include a player to buy the price of game on Steam, buy the intention of game, buy the amount of game, steam platform understands a situation, steam platform uses time, the reason of use Steam platform is waited a moment. When referring questionnaire finally, mentioned the game platform TGP of oneself.

Investigation caused this Steam of Tecent to stick intense discussion of the netizen. Somebody guesses Tecent can get a platform, also somebody concludes after support pays treasure, Steam is not met probably oneself and Tecent collaboration joins small letter to pay. Also somebody concludes the game platform TGP that this investigation is promotion oneself. More the netizen states Steam wants to join QQ to land. . .

Nevertheless also sober netizen points out, also be opposite before Tecent ” demon animal world ” , ” DOTA2 ” and ” CS: GO ” had made detailed investigation, the result still makes progress without more, because of this investigation to this, should hold sober state of mind.

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