Producer personally go into battle understands 3 minutes ” interstellar battle armour ” new material piece

Producer personally go into battle understands 3 minutes ” interstellar battle armour ” new material piece

” interstellar battle armour ” Yu Ming day will update year data piece day Nuo is genetic, new material piece will bring a player to overturn newly experience, the hero with real implementation is custom-built. Now, we are following ” interstellar battle armour ” chief producer will understand the new element that adds in day Nuo origin together, play a way newly.

Day Nuo genetic material piece also be numerous the player that has deep love for a challenge planned daily assault system, numerous much great mind and play high can challenge repeatedly. Assault is a series of special daily missions, can give a player different challenge person everyday. Everyday assault series task includes 3 jobs, difficulty is ordinal rise, must undertake by order, finish an ability to receive the next. And, assault task is not the promotion that has difficulty only, every task has distinctive environmental crisis and job requirement, some limitation equip, some aggrandizement enemies, thereby farther test player accuses to understand with the battle to the drill of battle armour.

The challenge that finishs such difficulty is sure have rich and generous promotive redound player, finish a day when you all after 3 assault task, can win an award randomly from inside a huge award pool. Award pool can be when day-to-day job replacement refresh, can have everyday amount to 21 in different award is awaiting you, they have a plenty of rare article, have a plenty of mobile weapon component. Day-to-day challenge job also is fastened with battle faction all is close together and relevant, through finishing assault job, the player still can obtain additional sectarian check the number to come him aggrandizement sectarian skill.

Can win rich and generous award besides day-to-day rush job beyond, ” interstellar battle armour ” still can replace tactical alarm job regularly in game, before a certain area breaks out emergencies to need to call together many day Nuo soldier, go to solve. Alarm task has his job description and task demand, limit battle armour fighting capacity of the player for example, can use some kind of weapon to wait compulsive condition a moment only. Accordingly, the task award of tactical alarm is met more rich and generous, a lot of gods implement the crystal card of level can be obtained through tactical alarm only.

” interstellar battle armour ” it is by the science fiction of research and development of Digital Extremes of business of Euramerican and famous research and development subject matter is exceeded can behavioral fire net swims, game with distinctive science fiction world outlook, have heroic principle extremely super- part, can brand-new multivariate play a way acknowledge of comprehensive refresh PVE, bring endless interstellar exploration experience to the player. Since announce, ” interstellar battle armour ” the diversity with the cosmic exploration that depends on varied Zhan Jiaying hero, infinite likelihood, rich content plays a way 3 big characteristic. Figure bright, ability of each different numerous exceed can hero, the movement of the stimulation that stimulate bright is attacked fight pleasure, and the acme picture that rivals stand-alone your work, attracted the whole world to exceed the attention of user of 5 million game, and the position of before permanent abroad heats up You Bang to rank greatly each 3.

Have a good swim company (NASDAQ: CYOU) is China’s banner interconnection game development and operation business, its are own the net of large client end of research and development swims ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” , it is China the most welcome knight-errant subject matter is large online part acts much person game; shift carries game ” day dragon 8 3D ” it is China’s most successful 3D knight-errant MMORPG the hand swims. In addition, have a good swim to still roll out GAME+ series product line, dedicated the research and development at game of global high-quality goods and issue, offer for the player the most top class, most the game that cruel dazzles

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