Wang Zherong boasts chaos resembles: Just on finger tip imprint bank note machine? History on most take strict precautions against indulge measure

Wang Zherong boasts chaos resembles: Just on finger tip imprint bank note machine? History on most take strict precautions against indulge measure

Login register Wang Zherong of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to boast chaos resembles: Just on finger tip imprint bank note machine? History on most take strict precautions against indulge measure source: ? Salary  ?2017-07-04 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

Wang Zherong boasts chaos resembles: Just on finger tip imprint bank note machine? History on most take strict precautions against indulge measure

Escaped dream swim on the west, desert demon animal world, kept away from the hero is allied, fell into the hole that Wang Zherong boasts however finally. Someone says, in the instantly that game industry prosperity develops, intelligent hand swam had made the black Internet bar of new era. Commuted subway, the dining-爱上海同城手机版

room that have a meal, the office of noon break can see people is holding a mobile phone in the arms to immerse oneself in dozen of game.

Data shows, by the Wang Zherong that Tecent develops boast already was become global battalion receives highest play since this year. Day of a skin enters 150 million yuan, battalion closed first quarter 2017 is to be as high as 6 billion yuan of RMB more, more than many several A appear on the market company (field of A stock market shares 3268 to appear on the market at present company, among them 3079 appear on the market the company does business first quarter income under 6 billion yuan) .

Additional, game registers an user to break through 200 million person, day is active user 5000 much people, created the new record that Tecent platform hand swims. In other words, be in China the player of honor of the person that there is a king in every 7 people爱上海同城手机版

, look Wang Zherong boasts is the place that entered Wang Zhe truly.

History on most take strict precautions against indulge measure

Wang Zhe’s arrival became middle and primary school to give birth to the nightmare of parents, force is abstained to change after they discover to game is played on child confusing difference, disposition becomes urgent, not only inexorable go parental advice, still bring about achievement to drop apparent, the bank that still brushs parents secretly even gets stuck.

Though Tecent company earned many money with Wang Zhe, but also it may be said is to hold broke heart. To command follow-up bad influence, tecent company shows, pass a month debug and inside measure, will roll out throughout history of Chinese game industry the strictest prevent indulge measure.

With Wang Zherong boast is pilot, when limitative player is landed, grow. Among them, 12 one full year of life are the following (contain 12 one full year of life) minor is restricted to play 1 hour everyday, plan to go up line in the evening 9 when prohibit logging onto a function later; Minor of above of 12 one full year of life is restricted to play 2 hours everyday. The player that exceeds time will be gotten offline compulsively by game. Tecent still will carry out real name in succession attestation. Real without platform of the Tecent that finish name registers the Zhang name of flow, will not land have game. Future still will increase minor consume limitation function in succession, limitative minor is not rational consumption.

To give up parental apprehension, tecent still rolled out one key to ban play a function, avoid minor to land parent of steer clear of to guard through much Zhang date. The parent needs simple measure to be able to be finished only bind calm, master the child to game is landed and fill cost position.

The analyst thinks, if did not come,parent of game platform, minor and minor user are carried out strictly according to this measure, wang Zherong boast receives inevitable meeting to爱上海

get in battalion very big impact.

By tortuous history

A pupil writes a composition recently ” the Jing Ke in my eye ” circulate on the net.

In the article, this student behaved pair of pesticide be obsessed with, more right the history expresses open-eyed. In Wang Zherong boast, jing Ke became a woman, shi Xian plum is an assassin in vain, the profession that renown cure flat magpie is the ace that use poison, Zhu Geliang is rabbi

The viewpoint thinks, this kind distorts the conduct of historical character is serious misdirect have not study the history and the student of indulge game. Show according to investigation, exceed 7 to think to design game to must respect the history into the netizen.

Game player appears low age turn a tide, already was the fact that does not dispute. Browse index and internal survey analysis according to Tecent, 12 years old of the following players are occupied about than 3.62% , 13 occupy about to 17 years old of players than 14.50% . According to estimation, about 36 million middle and primary school is born in participating in this game. In addition, have student explanation, be in the school in this big forge, everybody is playing, if you do not play, can appear antipathetic, you understand others chatting content not, can have a kind of feeling that is isolated.

Actually, because minor viewpoint of value, philosophy is still immature, indulge more easily really game, differentiate hard game and reality. Adolescent regards a hand as swimming main force, the keep in game, active, pay cost to go up to have breathtaking latent capacity even. A lot of minor spent big time to be on game, take the money of own parents secretly to buy equipment even.

Pesticide diffuses financial group

Wang Zherong boast still caused the angle of capital market. As a result of this game hot, in last few months, tecent share price connects Pan Xingao. Accumulative total went up 2017 more than 50% , market prise breaks through 2.7 trillion yuan.

Before paragraph time, researcher of agriculture of the negotiable securities that start line of business issued a report- – ” strategy of begin of Wang Zherong boast ” cause netizen heat to discuss. The researcher expresses: Playing game basically is to learn Tmt territory deep, and the hand swims brought investment opportunity; Th上海夜网论坛

e market needs to develop i上海千花网龙凤论坛

ntegratedly, small bill reduces estimate the value is fierce, but actual and implicit grow, see one spot through Wang Zhe.

In fact, swim as popular hand, its are right concept generation appeal and guide action to go strong continuously. It is newly with Heng Dagao exemple, its advocate business Wu is not game, but it now is concept of Wang Zherong credit however the first. The company paid cash way with issueing share to reach 2016, bought ability of Wuhan flying You Ke the 100% equity of limited company. Limited company has ability of Wuhan flying You Ke not only Tecent serves as important client, directer the income of honor of the person that participate in promotion king is divided into. Heng Dagao is new as the parent company, make concept of Wang Zherong credit naturally brunt. Up to on June 19, heng Dagao is new successive two days of harden, three-dimensional communication harden, thunder cypress science and technology goes up even more 8% , cloud atlas accuses go up 7% , youjiu game goes up even more 6% .

On finger tip imprint bank note machine

Hit game to had become present normal profession from the not attend to one’s proper works or duties in original people mouth. Wang Zherong boasts this big IP also fed large quantities of people, become Tecent imprint bank note machine. Game era drills the month is entered 50 thousand, game advocate sow yearly salary 20 million, last year Tecent of the end of the year is to be its to develop a group to open those who gave 100 million yuan of RMBs more end of the year award. The Yao Xiaoguang of the father that the Wang Zherong that be called boasts still spent 98 million HK dollar to buy one flatlet in Hong Kong. Look the contribution that you make for Tecent, be bought by go off with room!

In what App Annie of orgnaization of tripartite data releases global hand swam in May 2017 in sheet of exponential a list of names posted up, chinese company swims上海夜网

in global hand before income a list of names posted up 10 9 seat are held in the name, become global hand to swim the market is the biggest win the home. Tecent has before 5 game enter global income 10 in all, can say be be worthy of to suck golden king.

Tecent is newest data showed first quarter 2017, tecent accuses a gross income to amount to forty-nine billion five hundred and fifty-two million yuan, grow 55% compared to the same period; Net profit achieves forteen billion five hundred and forty-eight million yuan, grow 58% compared to the same period. Among them, the business income that mobile hand swims achieves 12.9 billion yuan, grow 57% compared to the same period. 26% what this means the income that mobile hand swims to had held Tecent gross earnings.

Even game player play says, in game industry, tecent takes the place that pass, desert. (Civil / Huang Zihan)

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