Be suspicious of 18 middle schools is like Fujian dining room of bromatoxism experience thing already suspended doing business

Be suspicious of 18 middle schools is like Fujian dining room of bromatoxism experience thing already suspended doing business

17 days, on the net about fontal city the message of bromatoxism of student of the 7th middle school circulates. The reporter teachs bureau know from the city zone of carp of Fujian spring city, the educational bureau of the area under administration that the school is in, defend medicines and chemical reagents of plan bureau, food to supervise bureau, disease to accuse the branch such as the center to already headed for a dining room to investigate sampling.

The graph is the student in hospital infusion.

End before the reporter distributes news dispatches, bureau of education of carp the city zone still is reported external, up to afternoon 3 when, number seeing a doctor is 18 people certainly, relevant hospital is preliminary diagnose the symptom that is a student to be acute gastroenteritis. Investigation branch also expresses, the foundation is current findings, whether cannot still be bromatoxism certainly.

Controlled at 2 o’clock 17 days afternoon, the reporter is in fontal state city building of emergency call of the first hospital sees, there still are more than 10 in the classmate of infusion. The part is ability appears 17 days in the morning unwell. 7 3 big classmates 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

tell a reporter first, she this morning when 56 bits, abdomen begins painful, still accompany vomiting, diarrhoea, but still go to the school attending class.

Arrived much at 9 o’clock when, I am uncomfortable still, school also just be informed other classmate has appeared similar symptom, because this school informed me of parents, parents sent me to come to a hospital. First this 37 big classmate says, she is added to should 10 people appear on the class similar symptom. That evening, I ate the food such as evaporate egg, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, green pepper, cucumber in the dining room.

In treating a process that day, many students still appear on the spot vomitive symptom; Additionally the student makes an a bit at the same time, go u爱上海

p at the same time toilet. As we have learned, 17 days of before dawn were controlled at 3 o’clock, school interior divides the symptom such as student occurrence vomiting, teacher laying a pipe sends the student toward the hospital; And partial day-boarder also is in the home be discovered by the parent the body appears unusual, be sent hospital cure in succession.

Because the daughter is accommodation, eat in school dining room all the time, still hold out to the dining room before be at ease, exhort all the time so daughter scarcely should go out eat, who knows to appear such circumstance. Big father speaks of, the child’s classmaster and grade end length came over to see children that day, child mood still calculates stability.

Also have classmate introduction among them, mice excrement, insect also has discovered to wait inside meal before, bu爱上海龙凤419桑拿

t pass to school square report without the classmate. Still the classmate discloses, school dining room is outside the bag gives an employer, he also worked a lot of years, have what problem usually, homecoming says with dining room boss directly.

The view that at present the bag outside the dining room goes out also gets the branch confirms concerned. The reporter still understands, experience thing dining room has 200 students repast probably everyday. After accident happening, this dining room already suspended doing business, the school arranges teachers and students to have the local repast of relevant aptitude to additionally two.

In addition, the classmates of semiotic likeness still speak of, the thing that they have, not quite same also, someone ate curry chicken, someone took beef curry, stil上海千花网

l some of person ate vegetable only, among them still a few people had not eaten the food of city of food spring state inside the dining room Liu Jiawang of integrated division section chief expresses supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents, do not exclude the account of seasonal and vene爱上海同城论坛

real poisonous infection.

7 Lieutenant Colonel just report fontal state external that day morning, hospital of seaside of city sending a spring has 1 person, southeast hospital 2 people, 2 courtyards 4 people, one courtyard 11 people, in all 18 students have similar symptom. The reporter understands, begin to in succession the classmate leaves hospital in the morning, begin to answer the school to attend class; The fellow student with only serious part still is in infusion.

This is last bottles, can leave hospital. One also is diagnosed to be acute gastroenteritis 11 3 classmate expresses first, he just had undesirable reaction more at 9 o’clock in the morning, had been defeated by 3 bottles of liquids at present. Their class has 56 classmates to feel probably unwell, at present already several had left hospital.

The management principal part that fontal city has card to illuminate at present in all 100 thousand many, sheet relies on hundreds of to execute the law personnel, force affirms inadequacy. Liu Jiawang expresses, medical inspect bureau already tried the superintendency step such as bright cooking stove of point out kitchen in a few schools before this, the dining room that strengthens pair of scho上海千花网龙凤论坛

ols, enterprise to wait for involved group sex repast is superintended, include this measure inside, will popularize more effective food safety to supervise energetically in whole town henceforth. (Liao Jing)

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