[what does woman Gong Han eat to recuperate] how does _ woman _ eat –

[what does woman Gong Han eat to recuperate] how does _ woman _ eat –

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This kind of symptom can bring about woman Gong Han the circumstance of female friend occurrence dysmenorrhoea and haemorrhage, female friend can undertake recuperating from his dietary problem, take the crude drug such as a few angelica, longan and red jujube more for instance, basically be to take a few sexes lukewarmShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Medicinal material, can rise to counteract Gong Han’s symptom, and conduce to enrich the blood. To the symptom with female cold palace, should eat what food, we can understand the content below.

What does woman Gong Han eat to recuperate

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Kind food makes you fast leave Gong Han

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine goes up to evaluate angelica so: “Put in a head ‘s charge to enrich the blood, put in a body ‘s charge to raise blood, put in end ‘s charge to defeat invigorate the circulation of blood of blood, whole body ” , angelicaShanghai noble baby

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Have enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, regulate the menstrual function the effect with aperient bowel of acetanilide, embellish. Angelica is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s more commonly used medicine, be known as ” medicine of the emperor in blood ” . The angelica on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the commonly used medicaments of a kind of female, commonly used at treating female menstruation disease, for example dysmenorrhoea, menstruation is not moved etc, but do not suit pregnant woman edible. When angelica eats can angelica slice, take 5, 10 grams boil water or bubble water is become tea drink. The chicken that stew, stew when also can join a few angelica.

2. longan flesh

Rich iron is contained to pledge in longan, the iron that 3.9 grams contain in flesh of 100 grams longan is qualitative, between the fruit longan flesh is a kind of food that contains iron to be abounded quite, can use at anaemic cure, when Bao soup perhaps boils congee, use generally speaking, longan is belonged to lukewarm the food that fill, have first-rate curative effect to the female’s Gong Han.

What does woman Gong Han eat to recuperate

Soup of big jujube of 3. longan ormosia

ormosia 150 grams are cleaned clean immerse two hours are stand-by, gan Guiyuan crust of 30 grams take out, reserve, good bubble ormosia, big jujube 50 grams, rinse 1500 grams put boil of suffer from excessive internal heat together, add longan meat next, again boil, it is OK that slow fire Bao is used 60 minutes later edible.

4. medlar

Although medlar is had very good nourishing with remedial effect, but not all also person suits to take. Because it is lukewarm the result of warm up body is quite strong, having a fever in the cold, personallyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Body has the person of inflammation, diarrhoea to had better not eat. Can make consummate be egg of Bao of medlar red jujube.

What does woman Gong Han eat to recuperate

5. dateplum persimmon

Wen Weigan of dateplum persimmon sex, contain a lot ofB of protein, saccharide, organic acid, vitamin and vitamin E, wait for microelement with phosphor, calcic, iron, still have all sorts of nutrition elements, have filling kidney and the effect that raise a stomach. Anile to deferring, enhance airframe vigor, hairdressing to raise Yan Dou very helpful. Dateplum persimmon is called ” nutrient storehouse ” , often edible can help woman filling energy of life raise the blood, effect that keeps epithelial tissue. And can warm poison of hydrolyze of invigorate the circulation of blood of intestines and stomach, bright eye, benefit, it is moist skin, black needs Hei Fajia to taste. To palace symptoms caused by cold factors of the femaleShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Shape also has first-rate curative effect.

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